Saturday, December 12, 2009


I've been working.. lots and lots of working lately. Almost 40 hours for the last 4 weeks. Doesn't sound that hard but a lot of it has been being called in on my day off or taking other employee's shifts. Plus it's Christmas and the store has been a mess, people are slobs, I've been asking for an armed guard to watch my bead aisles. People steal so much!!

Also been getting to hang out with more people from work, awesome people. Princess is warming up to a couple of them. I took her out to Petsmart for the first time yesterday, she was nervous in the parking lot and when we stopped by Michael's to say hi, but then she was fine in Petsmart. Must be the food smells.

School starts up again next Wednesday, for 1 4-hour class then off again for 2 weeks. I could have finished the class by the time we get to the second day. Annoying.

Everyone has been getting sick, I'm trying really hard not to, but some days I get no sleep. Tonight will likely be one of those nights. I've got to write a paper for the first class and I don't have any days off till the day of the class. We're also open till 11pm all this week and I close 3 nights, which means getting home at almost midnight. It's been nice having some extra money though, since I was barely covering bills before. My great-aunt sent me a check to help me out and I used it to buy some bookshelves so I could unpack the boxes that have been sitting in the bedroom since August. That made me really happy :)

A co-worker of mine lives 4 houses away and her teen son was upset that I had no furniture so he grabbed a friend's love seat and brought it over one night. So the house is getting homey :) Looks awesome with the Christmas Tree up in the front window too :) Next week I'm going to Ikea to get some floor lamps for the living room and 2 extra bedrooms. Then maybe I'll start hanging some pictures.

My brother, D, wants me to come move to Colorado soon. He makes a good argument but even if I wanted to go asap I couldn't till this class is over at the end of January. Plus I have to figure out what to do with my stuff and my parents have to deal with the house. I dunno!

I've been eating this song alive lately: Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds: 5x09 Oh god. Such a sad episode. :*(