Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let the relief rain

So I bought two new products today. I've been looking everywhere for some decent bubble bath but it seems most places have stopped carrying anything but Aveeno bath treatments, used for poison ivy and such, and switched to shower gels. I don't like using shower gels in the bath, they don't provide as many bubbles and if you get a gel with any exfoliating beads they wind up coating the bottom of the tub making it feel like you are laying on sand.

While at CVS today I looked again through their bath product aisle and found a new item called CVS Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Salts. I've avoided their other salts because I hate the smell of lavender and that's usually the only option. This one says it soothes and restores with natural eucalyptus and peppermint. Sounds great and it was.

The second product I picked up was Neutrogena's rainbath. "A refreshing shower and bath gel", still a gel, but it does specifically say bath on it. The back says it will awaken my senses with the blend of spices, fruits and herbs. ++

I used them both together in a bath and I must say that I am relaxed. My skin feels warmed from the inside out from the peppermint, my scalp also feels cool and light and not just from my wet hair. It's more like it feels after using a dandruff treatment like Selsun Blue, but in a good way and without the heavy smell. In fact, though I may not be an unbiased judge having spent the last hour soaking in it, I think the scent is rather nice, fresh and light.