Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mencken Man to the rescue

Dear fellow classmates,
I am losing participation points because I can't figure out how to respond to shit posts like this 4 times a week:

This is very true that we have to have some sort of a starting point. I mean if we didn't have those that gave us what we have based all our therories on we would not have come as far as we have in the study of psychology.

We do have to have a a base point and it was a shame that some of it has been by trial and error at the expense of others. But even today we have those that are willing to be in study groups to help find answers to medical trials and to me these are the true pioneers that have paved the way for all of use to lean from.

because with out those willing to put their lives in test groups we would have to rely on what we find out using animal tests and some of those can not be true because all animals are the same make up as a human.

Sincerely, fuck you.

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