Friday, October 2, 2009

Blood & Magic

The Vampire Diaries: 1x04 I'm still on the fence with this show. On one hand it makes me really annoyed at all the teenybopper themed drama, on the other, the mystery isn't bad.

Eastwick: 1x02 This is such a fun show. I love it. Cybill Shepherd oh lord! This should be good ;)

CSI: NY: 6x02 I would be driving away fast if I heard a guy that sounded like a gasping Sylar on the ONSTAR. I've always preferred KenStar personally :p I love my GPS though, dunno what I'd do without it, but it has tried to kill me a few times. :) Poor guy, needed Obama Care.

Bones: 5x03 Totally unexpected. I think Bones and Booth are getting back into their rhythm which is nice. Cam's family issue was a good tie-in.

CSI: 10x02 Oh I can't wait for them to explain this! Still waiting for the bow tie explanation. As for the other case, I think I know who did it.. I was right! Interesting sidestep for Dr. Langston. Damn bow tie!!

Tonights new shows are Dollhouse, Law & Order, Flashpoint, Numb3rs and a new stargate series, Stargate Universe!! Can't wait to see it.

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