Friday, October 23, 2009

Trying to catch up

Big Bang Theory: 3x05 "I googled how to do that.." LOL Funniest ending of the show ever :)

America's Next Top Model: 13x08 This episode felt really short, no offense to the short models this season. Still a lot of my favorites in the running.

Criminal Minds: 5x05 This episode built up slowly then rushed at the end. Oh Hotch :(

CSI: NY 6x05 So you think you can fracture?

Eastwick: 1x05 Darryl has a great voice /growl "Sing, sing a song." :) I giggled liked a nerd when they brought up Professor X to Roxie :p Bad bad Cat.

Flashforward: 1x05 Another face I recognize, Amita from Numb3rs (aka Navi Rawat) This episode felt off, like I missed a bunch of stuff. I even grabbed the last episode again to make sure I'd seen it, I had.

Flashpoint: 3x03 Yet another face I recognize, Wes from reGenesis. I also saw him recently on The Listener (aka Greg Bryk)

Flashpoint: 3x04 Good episode. Very emotional.

L&O: SVU 11x05 Special guest star, Rosie Perez, haven't seen her in awhile. Dr. Wong's got longer hair :) Looks good!

Lie to Me: 2x04 Jeez.. poor Cal.

Supernatural: 5x06 Ha ha ha ha :) This episode was hilarious. "Like the x-men!"

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