Saturday, October 10, 2009

First day of Work

I had my first day at work, it's been 7 years since I last had a job. Since August 1, 2002 in fact. 9 years since my last retail job. I went in to fill out employment paperwork on Wednesday and was scheduled to work Monday, Thursday and Saturday of next week. Yesterday morning I got a call from another employee asking me to take his 8 hours on Friday, yes sir! Then got another call at dinner-time from the Assistant Manager asking if I would come in and do the pumpkin decorating event today, yes m'am!

I got there at 9:30am, the event was supposed to be from 10-1pm. We got everything set up and they told me to expect 80-90 people. I was a bit worried. Turned out I got 3. Still it was a fun day and I got to spend it being crafty, helping kids and mostly running around the store bugging all the other employees to help answer questions. I was an obvious target for people with questions because I was in the same place the whole time right in the middle of the store. I even helped the lady who runs the birthday parties with some earring ideas for her client. Awesome.

Tomorrow I have to bring my laptop in to the Apple store. The warranty runs out next month and the fans have been making a ton of noise so I might as well get it fixed now. I hope they don't have to take it for long though. :/

Princess survived her day in the crate, but she shed a lot. Super stress I guess. It was 5 hours so I'm hoping she'll be just as ok on my 8 hour day. I don't think she's figured out the cage's water bottle yet. I can't leave a bowl in with her because she over-turns them immediately. So I got a bottle that attaches to the cage, looks like a hamster water bottle, with a metal ball in the tip of the spout so she has to lick the spout to get water. I don't think she's noticed it at all though.

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