Friday, October 30, 2009

Insane in the Mental

The Mentalist: 2x05 God I <3 Cho :) "Dude you need counseling" I'm getting used to Jane & Lisbeth's acts too.

Supernatural: 5x07 "killing you is on my bucket list" lol :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Witchy Life Flashes

Eastwick: 1x06 :( I'm glad the plot is picking up. I was expecting a bit more from this show for Halloween, but I guess if they had made it all Halloween-y some could say they were getting too cliche.

Law & Order: SVU 11x06 FBI, CIA, Cartels, Spies, Agents, Groceries.. This episode was all over the place!

Vampire Diaries: 1x07 Where are all the adults here? I know they're teenagers but why do all of them have no one at home? Ever? It wouldn't be much of a show I suppose, still it's odd.

Flashpoint: 3x05 Interesting episode. I didn't see that coming.

Life: 2x20 Great episode! The only good thing about the show ending is that the ending should be spectacular! One more to go.

Lie 2 Dance

Lie To Me: 2x05 Bad bad Cal.. His accent was really thick through the whole show though.

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x11 Top 20 Perform My favorite performance was Legacy & Kathryn's Hip Hop routine. It was so exact, so well done and groovy! My second favorite was Molly & Nathan's Disco. Hoooooly hell that was hard.

Numb3rs: 6x05 I didn't know what to think until about halfway through. Good episode :) I have been noticing lately that the dialog talks down to the viewer more and more. Not liking that!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I order you to dance

Law & Order: 20x05 Strong performance by the nurse on the stand.

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x10 This was an introduction show which was nice, sometimes they can go all season without seeing the style of a dancer. My favorite routine was the Mandy Moore one.

Life House Dancing Castle

House: 6x05 Freaky case.. ZOMBIEEEEEeeeeeee

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2x23 Finale Aww I really liked Anthony, Natalie, Corynne, & Kim.. I was not expecting that winner, not at all, but I'm not upset. Any of the top 4 would have been fine with me.

Dollhouse: 2x04 Poor Sierra

Life: 2x19 Gabrielle was really good in this :)

Castle: 2x06 Oooo I really really must watch that movie again now. I wish I had the series too. I laughed so hard in this episode :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

World Dance

I haven't been able to bring myself to watch The Amazing Race or Stargate Universe. I've got several weeks worth of episodes waiting. I think it's because they're both shows that my husband and I enjoyed watching together and now that we're apart it feels wrong. I mean, we watched all of our shows together but these two especially were "ours". Not Stargate Universe particularly, it's a new show but Stargate & Stargate: Atlantis, the movies.. Just feels wrong. :/

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2:20 Top 6 Perform Best performance goes to Tara Jean & Vincent. Best solo's go to Everett & Tara-Jean though I still like Jayme Rae.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2:21 Top 6 Results UGH!! This is actually mislabeled. It's the 2:22 Top 4 Performances but it already listed who was voted off so no need to go looking for the right episode. Last performance show! I disagree with the judges on the first number, this is the first time that the guys have drawn my attention away and weren't just props for the girls. The second peformance I thought the guys were off a bit and one of them seemed to be forgetting what to do. I don't know what's going on with this performance episode. The two girls look so forced and off-beat, this could have been awesome, and should have been awesome as the last performance show. It's very disappointing. The end of that performance was cute though.

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x09 Top 20 Revealed My favorites so far are Paula, Ellenore, Billy, Bianca Legacy and Karen.


Life: 2x18 3 Women And Gabrielle Union again, she's one of my favorite actresses. I really miss this show. "that's where I learned this move.."

Darice Bead Spinner

Last week I got to demo the battery operated bead spinner by Darice. I was not very impressed, neither was anyone who tried it during the event. I'm no expert at using bead spinners, I've had a wooden one for awhile but I've only used it 2-3 times. The automatic spinner was way too fast, it needs a speed setting especially for beginners. The only setting it had was whether it spun left or right, presumably for left or right handed beaders, which is a nice feature but just not enough to make me want to buy it. Not only that but our spinner burnt out after 3 hours of use. You could smell burnt machinery and it just wouldn't start anymore. I much prefer my wooden spinner, it goes at my pace, I can spin it either direction, I remember to push up the beads as the spinner starts to slow. Just better all around.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cricut Expressions & Gypsy

Today at work I got to demo the Cricut Expressions and Gypsy tool. I'd never used either machine before but after a short guidance from another employee I was ready to go.

The best feature of getting the Gypsy with the Cricut in my opinion is that you don't have to keep all the cartridges and key-sets laying around and switch every time you want to cut something. The Gypsy has a full list of cartridges and the ones you've loaded are highlighted with bold text. The stylus pen was easy to use and the cuts were nice and clean. I was very impressed, so were many of the people who stopped by to watch the demo.

Another good feature that many people liked was it's portability. You can take the Gypsy anywhere with you, say on the road back from your vacation, and start planning out what shapes you'll want to cut out for your scrapbook. Then you can save your layouts and cut them all out when you get home!

2 negative issues I found are how much space the Cricut needs, both in front of and behind it. I wouldn't have room for it anywhere. Second was that when you load a cartridge in the Gypsy you then can not load it in any other Gypsy. If you like to get a group together to do scrapbooking you may find it not worth using the Gypsy because you won't be able to share designs. I suppose if you all share the Gyspy and chip in on the cost of the cartridges it would work out well but there'd be no way to split it up if someone leaves.

Another product I demo'd today did NOT work so well, The Slice by Making Memories. Like the Cricut it uses cartridges but these are small, almost like digital camera memory sticks. It worked well when making gift tags & shapes, though it was not sharp enough to cut through a heavy card-stock. When it came to making words, as was my task in the demo, it just would not participate. It kept catching on the cuts when it passed back over them and we ended up with a wrinkled mess. We tried several weights of paper and the only one that didn't catch was the heavy card-stock but it didn't cut all the way through so you'd still have to do some work to cut it out.

Good Life

The Good Wife: 1x05 Interesting case. Poor Diane.

Life: 2x17 I missed this show. FIR (Face I Recognize) time: Original Cindy from Dark Angel & Josie on Reaper (aka Valarie Rae Miller)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Trying to catch up

Big Bang Theory: 3x05 "I googled how to do that.." LOL Funniest ending of the show ever :)

America's Next Top Model: 13x08 This episode felt really short, no offense to the short models this season. Still a lot of my favorites in the running.

Criminal Minds: 5x05 This episode built up slowly then rushed at the end. Oh Hotch :(

CSI: NY 6x05 So you think you can fracture?

Eastwick: 1x05 Darryl has a great voice /growl "Sing, sing a song." :) I giggled liked a nerd when they brought up Professor X to Roxie :p Bad bad Cat.

Flashforward: 1x05 Another face I recognize, Amita from Numb3rs (aka Navi Rawat) This episode felt off, like I missed a bunch of stuff. I even grabbed the last episode again to make sure I'd seen it, I had.

Flashpoint: 3x03 Yet another face I recognize, Wes from reGenesis. I also saw him recently on The Listener (aka Greg Bryk)

Flashpoint: 3x04 Good episode. Very emotional.

L&O: SVU 11x05 Special guest star, Rosie Perez, haven't seen her in awhile. Dr. Wong's got longer hair :) Looks good!

Lie to Me: 2x04 Jeez.. poor Cal.

Supernatural: 5x06 Ha ha ha ha :) This episode was hilarious. "Like the x-men!"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This week in Niki's history

I was scheduled to work 17 hours this week but I've been asked to stay and called in to work for a total of 28 hours this week. Fantastic! Sadly though I found out yesterday that I'll be working Halloween night. I bought so much candy to hand out because I haven't had a Halloween in years. Bummer :(

I worked 8 hours yesterday instead of 4, and I work 8 tonight instead of 4.5. I was able to come home for an hour yesterday to feed Princess and let her out. I dunno if I'll get half an hour or an hour today though. I'd leave her some food but she eats so fast it'd be gone before I left.

I had orientation on Tuesday for school. It went pretty well, I met a few people and the teacher is funny. He reminds me of a calmer, less angry Lewis Black.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Castle Numb3rs

Numb3rs: 6x04 That guy was hilarious on The Unusuals :) (aka Adam Goldberg)

Castle: 2x05 I recognize Dr. Talbot from playing Mr. Dominic on Dollhouse (aka Reed Diamond) and of course Debi Mazar has been in everything. Weird case, weird ending.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vampire Numbers - ah ah ah

The Vampire Diaries: 1x06 This episode wasn't too bad, more mystery than teen drama. Still it's annoyingly simple at times.

Flashforward: 1x03 OMG what the fudge is going on here?! First off, let me say YAY ZOE! (aka Gina Torres) I think she's a fantastic actress and I'm so glad she's joined the cast. Last I'll say that all I could think at the end was "train to zone".

Flashforward: 1x04 Not as shocking as the last episode but still lead to a few questions. It was a bit frustrating and slow though.

Numb3rs: 6x03 I don't know why David just didn't say what was going on at the end. Would have been easier I think.

Order Lies East

CSI: NY 6x04 Weird opening, I recognize this lady from somewhere but I can't remember where. It's not love.. it's ego. She didn't say anything about love, feelings, anything. She said he was warned not to do that to her. I remember a case like this in another show, I don't remember which though but it was maybe 2 seasons ago.

Eastwick: 1x04 I think I'm more like Joanna than either of the other two. Maybe not as nerdy. What a twist at the end though! I didn't see that coming.

Law & Order: 20x04 People like the families on this episode make me really really mad. I was livid when I learned about the Octomom. I wish it was as simple as saying you have to earn the right to be a parent, such as taking a test or being screened for suitability. It's not that easy, I hope someday the world figures out how to grow up. I didn't like that they made a jab at Lie To Me at the end.

Law & Order: SVU 11x04 Andy Bellefleur again! (aka Chris Bauer) How ironic, don'tcha think? :p

Lie to Me: 2x03 Lightman in Mexico! Kinda funny :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Criminal Doll Models

Bones: 5x05 Great Episode :) I'm thrilled with the topic but I won't spoil it :)

Dollhouse: 2x03 Creepy episode

America's Next Top Model: 13x07 Fantastic challenge prize this week! Fantastic photo shoot, I would love to try that. One of my non-favorites went home though so that's good :)

Criminal Minds: 5x04 I was so engrossed in this episode that I forgot what I was doing and just watched it. I'm always doing a million things, beading, looking something up, making a list, straightening up, brushing out my clothes, playing with Princess, filing my nails, something. This time, I just watched. It was so odd that even though you know more than they do about what's going on right from the beginning and you can guess how it will end by the middle, there was still something pulling me in.

CSI: 10x04 huh.. Tara's Mom & that guy who used to be on Without A Trace. The True Blood folks are getting around :) I still miss Grissom though, it's just not the same.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mentalist: 2x04 Go Van Pelt! Jane is so evil it's lovely!

I think my birth certificate was faked..

..and my first 10 years of memories..

Today was my first 8 hour shift at work. I'm so sore and tired. I spent the first part of the day adjusting the Martha Stewart aisle for the new placements and price tags. Then I spent some time learning the cash register. Then I spent a couple hours organizing the display case for the small animal toys. I like organizing things, I almost can't help myself, but it took forever and it will probably be trashed tomorrow :)

At around 7pm my assistant manager tells me that I'm going to be running the fun with beads event tomorrow! So awesome! That really made my day. It's a 3-hour event where I just basically get paid to make jewelry with people. :) Could NOT be better! Yeah there's another 3 hours to fill besides that but I can't wait :)

All day long the other employees were asking me about my age.. They all guessed between 19-25. AwEsOmE!! When they found out I was 30 they couldn't believe it, I guess I need to sell some fountain of youth :) It was just weird how strongly people reacted, though I guess since most of them are teenagers they weren't expecting someone almost twice their age. Still ++++ for me :p Even with my gray hairs all over the place I still look young!

Princess did ok with my long day. She did spill a bit of her water bowl but there was still water in it when I got home. Her schedule is all messed up since she had dinner at 10pm and still needs to go to the bathroom and stuff.. Hell I still need to have dinner! Then get ready for bed, then set up my package to mail tomorrow. I sold another bracelet! Then do another sweep for the shows I'm still waiting to get and go to bed. Even though it should be a fun day tomorrow, I'm still worn from today. My body doesn't seem to know that I look 19. :p

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wilde October

Third day of work.
I got my locker assignment but the lock on it was for a different locker so the combination wouldn't work. I'll have to get a new one assigned again.. :( I spent the first 2 hours straightening up the bead section, I was in heaven. Organizing, browsing, getting ideas for christmas presents! Everything I love to do! Next week is employee appreciation week. I've got my eye on a couple tools that I could really use but can't afford without the big discount. I need to remember today to grab a picture of the pieces I want as a shopping list. I don't know what hours I work next week, I also have to remember to log into the scheduling system while I'm there because I couldn't pull it up at home.

Today is my longest day at work, a full 8 hours! Hopefully Princess will be ok. She ate her untippable bowl in her crate yesterday. She slept in it again last night though. I think she really likes her blanket. I'll have to leave her food bowl in there as a water bowl so she doesn't get too thirsty. Hopefully she won't find a way to tip it over.

Bangin Dance

The Big Bang Theory: 3x04 The montage was awesome :) The end letter was chuckle worthy too. :)

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x08 I'm getting frustrated! I can't tell if they're going to have one show a week or two. Thankfully the regular Performance then Results starts soon. I wish they'd shown more of the solos, more of the group routines. They seemed to spend so long on explaining the cuts. As always some nasty injuries occur too.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2x18 My favorite solos were Kim & Vincent. My favorite performance was Tara-Jean & Vincent's Rumba. 2x19 Awww, the girl who went home was my favorite.. I'm not surprised about the guy who went home though.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2x20 I have 3 favorite performances this week: 1. Top 3 Girls by Mia, 2. Tara-Jean & Vincent in both the Salsa & Contemporary routines. My favorite solo was Tara-Jean. Surprising to me because she's not my favorite left.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Good Castle House-Wives of NY

CSI: NY 6x03 "..cute but evil job-stealing blonde.." LOL! UGH no fair ending.

Castle: 2x04 That was their best case ever! So funny, so twisty, so weird... :) Loved it!

House: 6x04 I'm glad that House is still "housey". Not much else I can say about this episode without spoiling things.

The Good Wife: 1x04 Surprised to see Andy Bellefleur (aka Chris Bauer). It felt to me like they were trying to come to a profound lesson with the trial, but all that came across to me was the emotion in the main arc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

On Sunday I drove an hour to the Apple store to get the fans replaced before the warranty runs out next month. They didn't have the parts in the store so they mailed it out and would mail it back to me at home. They said it could take up to a week but I got it back this morning! I'm so happy :) I'm getting caught up on all my downloading, spreadsheets, websites that were too hard to open on my semi-iPhone. I'm also reorganizing all of my music, deleting stuff I really don't like so hopefully the Genius play-lists will be better.

My esty bracelet showcase went well yesterday! I sold 2 bracelets which paid for the cost of the showcase + a little bit extra if you subtract the cost of materials & shipping. My sale ends tomorrow and then I'll be going over all my prices and trying to make them a bit more fair. I think I'll do an earring showcase next month!

My second day of work was on Monday. I was stocking the bead section for 4 hours. I loved it.. my quads are pretty sore from doing squats the whole time. Squat to box, unpack item, scan for shelf label, stand to place item. I got to know the store a bit more, got a few compliments on my hair too. Always nice! I work again tomorrow, another 4 hour shift. 8 1/2 on Friday! Then another 6 on Saturday. :) Not too bad for my first week. I still need to get a username & password for the employee website so I can put in my direct deposit information and schedule a few days as unavailable when my mom & brother are coming in for a few days.

Monday was also the Canadian Thanksgiving! So Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canuck friends & family. Have lots of Turkey for me! I'd bet they ran through forests of maple trees just for you :) Mmmm maple drizzled pumpkin cheesecake.....

I had the day off yesterday so I took Princess in to the pet salon across the street to get a bath. Whatever was on her fur when I got her has been giving me a rash but I wanted to give her some more time to relax here before taking her. They said she did very well, was completely silent which they thought was odd for a malamute. She was a bit afraid of the dryers so they dryed her a bit and let her air out. She's so fluffy and clean :) No more rash! They always give the dogs a cute little scarf and hers is brown with pink flowers on it. Very cute.

While she was getting bathed I went to buy her some new toys. She needed a tough ball to play fetch with. The one the neighbor gave her was destroyed in an hour and I can't trust her with it by herself or she'll eat the pieces. It glows in the dark. :) You can imagine what the yard would look like if she did eat it! I bought her a kong ball, a $2 stuffed squeaky toy and a supposedly untippable water dish for her crate. She still doesn't seem to know about the water bottle I put in there and since I work 8 hours on Friday I was worried she'd get too thirsty. I saw her go into the crate last night to drink from it so I thought that was a good sign, but today when I went out for 10 minutes to mail the second bracelet I sold yesterday, she had tipped it over. /sigh She's a stubborn one.. but at least it doesn't hold a lot of water and half of it stays in even when it's upside down, because of the lid.

I've been trying to decide if I should get a few decorations for Halloween. I definitely want to hand out candy this year, it'll be so much fun! I don't know if I'll get many visitors though if I don't put up some kind of decoration. I work at Michael's so I'm constantly around all kinds of ideas.. Maybe I'll pick up a little something tomorrow. I still want to go to a fall festival or farm event, or something. I have coupons for free pumpkins and apple cider and all kinds of nice fall stuff. I just haven't wanted to go alone.

I have my school orientation next Tuesday. Should only take an hour they said. I spoke to my advisor this morning and asked her about my transcripts and what classes I'll be taking. She said they'd only received one of the two transcripts but it wasn't in the computer yet. I'm really quite confused that they would let me start taking classes before I even pick what classes I want to take.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Under Pressure

Tonight is American Dad, Family Guy & Amazing Race!! I'm halfway caught up on shows.

CSI: 10x03 Pretty cool episode. I wonder what Ray was looking up, must have something to do with his dad.

Super Amazing Criminal Mentalist

No shows tonight so maybe I can catch up a little bit. Things are starting to get hectic.

Bones: 5x04 I recognize the wife from Women's Murder Club! Paula Newsome, she played the coroner. Great show! LOL Cam has great facial expressions :) I wish my neighborhood was that interesting. Hell I wish they'd invite me to a BBQ!

The Amazing Race: 15x02 I knew those two girls using the roll-y bags would have issues when they need to do physical tasks. The people who got eliminated were cool people, they did their best.

The Vampire Diaries: 1x05 Gah, I still don't know if I really like it. Maybe it's just that I would feel silly if I did like it. It's a teen drama, but the mystery part is getting good. I can do without all the teen angst and love sub-plots.

Law & Order: SVU 11x03 OMG, the girl from True Blood! Deborah Ann Woll Crazy twist, poor Stabler, poorer Stabler. Very depressing episode, but SVU isn't known for it's funnies.

Supernatural: 5x05 Dr. Carson Beckett!! (aka Paul McGillion) "Dude you just got wailed on by _______" LOL Awesome episode as always. The sneak peak at the end about what's coming up was pretty awesome too. Looks hilarious :)

The Mentalist: 2x03 Hmmm not much I can say without ruining anything. Let's see, Cho is awesome as always <3 <3 Van Pelt's hair is performing a miracle by staying in place with just a few bobby pins. :) Criminal Minds: 5x03 It felt really quick, not as dramatic as the others. The beginning was freaky though. I would have never guessed what happened because they tangled up all the threads, just like real life. Law & Order: 20x03 I really liked the actor who played the electronics guy, (aka Ben Youcef). He did an excellent job and I loved his accent.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First day of Work

I had my first day at work, it's been 7 years since I last had a job. Since August 1, 2002 in fact. 9 years since my last retail job. I went in to fill out employment paperwork on Wednesday and was scheduled to work Monday, Thursday and Saturday of next week. Yesterday morning I got a call from another employee asking me to take his 8 hours on Friday, yes sir! Then got another call at dinner-time from the Assistant Manager asking if I would come in and do the pumpkin decorating event today, yes m'am!

I got there at 9:30am, the event was supposed to be from 10-1pm. We got everything set up and they told me to expect 80-90 people. I was a bit worried. Turned out I got 3. Still it was a fun day and I got to spend it being crafty, helping kids and mostly running around the store bugging all the other employees to help answer questions. I was an obvious target for people with questions because I was in the same place the whole time right in the middle of the store. I even helped the lady who runs the birthday parties with some earring ideas for her client. Awesome.

Tomorrow I have to bring my laptop in to the Apple store. The warranty runs out next month and the fans have been making a ton of noise so I might as well get it fixed now. I hope they don't have to take it for long though. :/

Princess survived her day in the crate, but she shed a lot. Super stress I guess. It was 5 hours so I'm hoping she'll be just as ok on my 8 hour day. I don't think she's figured out the cage's water bottle yet. I can't leave a bowl in with her because she over-turns them immediately. So I got a bottle that attaches to the cage, looks like a hamster water bottle, with a metal ball in the tip of the spout so she has to lick the spout to get water. I don't think she's noticed it at all though.

Model Eastwick

Tonight is Dollhouse, Flashpoint, Law & Order, Stargate Universe and Numb3rs :) I'd better catch up on them! I need popcorn and chocolate stat!

Eastwick: 1x03 How can Kat not notice what she keeps doing? The other two accepted it right away.

America's Next Top Model: 13x06 What a fun photo shoot :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dance in the House of Castle

Tonights shows are: Bones, Flashforward, Vampire Diaries, CSI, Supernatural & Mentalist :) Yay!

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x07 Las Vegas Week How do you sweat so much your hat is dripping?? Ewww :p

Castle: 2x03 I dislike this kind of conclusion for mysteries. It just feels a little fake. Still <3 Castle!

House: 6x03 Oh man! James Earl Jones? Really?! "House, I am your father.." Please say it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flash the Good Wife while thinking You Can Dance

Big night for shows tonight! 7 of them!
America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance - Las Vegas Round, So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 8 Results (still need to find the top 8 performances), Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, CSI: NY, Eastwick

Flashpoint: 3x02 Is she? Isn't she? I can't tell.. :/ Poor team, having to get right back into intense situations when all they can think about is their grief. :/

Flashforward: 1x02 As creepy as the first but it's getting thick too..

The Good Wife: 1x03 Good episode, "Logan" is going to be a pain in the ass of course, but I think he'll feel bad about it at least. :)

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x06 Auditions in Salt Lake City. Ewww she lost her toenail... So you think you can dance without a toenail..nail..nail

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I went in to Michael's today to fill out the employment forms and watch a training video, for which I'll be paid for 1 hour. They also gave me hours for next week, just 14 hours over 3 days but they said I would be perfect for taking over the birthday parties and presentations on Sundays since their regular person can't work Sundays. So that should be fun eventually. I won't make nearly enough to pay my bills at that rate but it'll mean I have to borrow less from my family.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Lies

Big Bang Theory: 3x03 UGH! Perfect waste of good french toast.. and they left 4 pieces on the stove! "No tissue damage whatsoever" :) I was waiting for the chocolates to be covered crickets or something :)

Lie to Me: 2x02 Am I the only teenager in the world who never had a fake id, never knew anyone who did and wouldn't know where to get one if I wanted one? Probably because I never needed one :p TV makes it look like it's so common though, those things are pretty intricate. My new one has some kind of clear window with my photo etched on it and all kinds of nifty tricks.

Possible +?

The Assistant Manager of Michael's called me today, they want me to come in on Wednesday and fill out the paperwork for employment. I wanted to tell the lady no because my interview was 4 weeks ago and when I called to find out why they hadn't called me in yet she told me she would call me early the next week but she didn't. Then I ran into the manager and she recognized me and said hi, but still I didn't get a call. I would love to work for Michael's but I just don't think they'll have enough hours for me, even part-time. I said yes though, I'm not sure if I need to wear the uniform though. I should probably call and ask. :/

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Savory Steak & Ranch Flatbread

Lunch today is Weight Watchers Smart Ones Savory Steak & Ranch Flatbread - 300 Calories
Seasoned Beef Steak, Fire Roasted Green Bell Peppers, Onions, Reduced Fat Mozarella Cheese, with a Creamy Ranch sauce on a flatbread.

I thought I'd give this a try, it looked yummy! Trying it though it tastes like a veggie quesadilla, there's no ranch flavor at all. The steak looks like dog food cubes. It's not good, it would have been different if I wasn't expecting it to taste like Ranch sauce. I won't be choosing this version again.

Super Dolls

Dollhouse: 2x02 Echo's mind is becoming soup I think. Topher was adorable in the beginning of the episode, I hope he realizes how bad his new discovery is.

Supernatural: 5x04 LOL Cas :) Love Cas in this episode!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dollhouse: 2x02 Echo's mind is becoming soup I think.

Mental Lies by the Law of Numb3rs

Lie To Me: 2x01 I love this show so much, great premiere!

Mentalist: 2x02 I'm not liking Rigsby's hair.. at all.. Jane is awesome, that little move at the end was perfect. The over-all case this time was a bit thin, they've done that trick before. Still the show is always good.

Numb3rs: 6:02 I hope Larry isn't going away, and if he is I hope he comes back. He's the crazy eccentric uncle and always adds humor and who else could say "the milky way tastes like raspberries" ?? Very intriguing case this episode, I had a hunch, but I didn't know what was going on till the very end. Good stuff!

Law & Order: 20x02 I know more than a few guys who would get caught in this episodes plot. :p

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blood & Magic

The Vampire Diaries: 1x04 I'm still on the fence with this show. On one hand it makes me really annoyed at all the teenybopper themed drama, on the other, the mystery isn't bad.

Eastwick: 1x02 This is such a fun show. I love it. Cybill Shepherd oh lord! This should be good ;)

CSI: NY: 6x02 I would be driving away fast if I heard a guy that sounded like a gasping Sylar on the ONSTAR. I've always preferred KenStar personally :p I love my GPS though, dunno what I'd do without it, but it has tried to kill me a few times. :) Poor guy, needed Obama Care.

Bones: 5x03 Totally unexpected. I think Bones and Booth are getting back into their rhythm which is nice. Cam's family issue was a good tie-in.

CSI: 10x02 Oh I can't wait for them to explain this! Still waiting for the bow tie explanation. As for the other case, I think I know who did it.. I was right! Interesting sidestep for Dr. Langston. Damn bow tie!!

Tonights new shows are Dollhouse, Law & Order, Flashpoint, Numb3rs and a new stargate series, Stargate Universe!! Can't wait to see it.

Officially a student, again

I got a call from my advisor, my financial aid was approved. I don't know how much yet, they have to wait to get my transcripts from my previous colleges. I'll be starting on the 27th though. I'm so nervous :/ 2 weeks? What was I thinking? I don't know if I can do this. If I should do this.. I have so much debt already, not to mention more than enough stress with what's going on with my husband and I, and trying to find work still. UGH!

Dancing Dolls

Dollhouse: 1x11 Another interesting episode, Echo's assignment this time is close to what I want to do someday. And WASH!! <3 <3 Miss Firefly. Holy crap, I didn't see that coming.

Dollhouse: 1x12 I think Dr. Saunders is a doll too. After her face got slashed she couldn't go out on assignment so they made her their doctor. We'll see if I'm right. Oh man. Whiskey.

So many shows to pick up yesterday. America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Eastwick, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, L&O: SVU. Today is Bones, CSI, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural & Mentalist.. Good days :)

Dollhouse: 1x13 Creepy as hell...

Dollhouse: 2x01 I like Adelle's new haircut! I like that a few bits played into the last episode but not much happened for the main story.

So You Think You Can Dance: 6x05 New Orleans Auditions.. Second to last audition show, then on to Vegas week. Oh my god, Mary Murphy must have just had a botox treatment. She doesn't even sound like herself. I like a good eyebrow scar just like everyone else, but c'mon if you're just gonna shave it in, that's cheap. Poor 6 redbulls a day guy is going to have a heart attack in a year. Next, Salt Lake City Auditions.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2x16 Top 10 Perform My favorites left are Kim, Everett, Jayme Rae, Vincent, and Melanie. Melanie & Vincent's routine was fantastic! She's always so intense, and he knows how to partner. Austin's solo was very very good, I just don't like him that much. Everett had the best solo.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: 2x17 Top 10 Results I'm not surprised by either person leaving.

Criminal Minda: 5x02 C'mon Hotch, get it together!

Law & Order: SVU 11x02 Hah hah, geocaching :) This is why you don't fuck around with people's feelings and beliefs.

America's Next Top Model: 13x05 Sundae's personality is so cute. :) She's not the prettiest but she's normal. Damn Nigel's wife is so pretty. The race was hilarious :) I still think Nicole is the prettiest. 4 of my top 8 are still in. That's not bad.